You are welcome to contact us via any convenient public channel: chat, helpdesk, forum, online form and even social networks used. Technical support is provided within the period of your support subscription.

Our official support hours are from 8am to 5pm GMT Monday through Friday. The support department is not operating on weekends and public holidays still we try to do our best to keep our customers satisfied so in particular cases might provide the answers during closing hours. JoomSport live chat is available: 8-11 a.m (GMT+0), 12 a.m-3 p.m (GMT+0).

We want you to be a happy customer. If you are not satisfied with any decision taken, product or service we would be glad to hear your feedback via company online form.

Source code and App license

No source-code provided for downloads. You cannot modify source-code for any purpose (cannot create derivative works). Read full App license terms.

App push notifications

App push notifications work within your support period only and delivered through the BearDev service infrastructure.

Downloads, Upgrades and Maintenance

Customer is responsible for his App marketplace accounts maintenance. Cost of Marketplace account purchase and maintenance is not included into App price.

BearDev provides Customer with a package of App branded with customer's logos. BearDev team can submit App to Customer's marketplace account in case if appropriate access to the marketplace account is provided.

BearDev team updates Customer's App every time the new release is issued within active support period of subscription.


No refunds offered for Mobile App service purchases.

Support and updates extension

License support extension pricing for license owners:
30% of the license cost - to customers whose previous license is not expired yet
70% of the license cost - whose previous license has expired

Multiple domain discounts:
30% discount for the second and each further license offered.

Terms changes

We reserve the right to change or modify current Terms with no prior notice.